Review of the Atlantis Resort Bahamas

REVIEW: Atlantis Bahamas Review – The Good and the VERY Bad

Our family had been wanting to visit Atlantis for years and we finally saved up enough to visit this world-famous resort. We were so excited to stay at this well-known resort and experience all the waterslides and pools.

But we were disappointed to find that this outdated hotel was not worth the money, in my opinion. So to save your family the heartache we experienced, I’ll tell you exactly why… and where to stay in Nassau, Bahamas instead.

Are you thinking about visiting the Atlantis Resort on your vacation to the Bahamas? I would think again!

Review of Atlantis Bahamas

Staying at the Atlantis Bahamas was a huge disappointment for our family. So I wanted to give an honest review of Atlantis so you can decide if it’s worth it for your family.

It’s not often that I have to write about a hotel that I DIDN’T like. When I plan a vacation, I am very thorough. I go through every review I can, and I read Pinterest, and YouTube… all to make sure I am spending my money wisely and making every vacation the best I can.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Because to be honest, I can only take (or afford) so many vacations a year. And I’m guessing it’s no different for you!

Review of the Atlantis Resort Bahamas. Atlantis Bahamas Review

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(This Atlantis Bahamas Review is my honest opinion, I was not compensated in any way by either the Atlantis Resort of Baha Mar)

Review of the Atlantis Resort Bahamas
Atlantis Bahamas Review

Is It Worth It To Stay At The Atlantis, Bahamas?

I’ve been wanting to visit The Bahamas mostly due to the famous swimming pigs. And I’ve known about Atlantis for a long time. To me, it always seemed like something that was out of my financial reach. Until this last spring, when I decided if I was going to be in The Bahamas, I needed to stay at the Atlantis. Right?!?!

Wrong! The Atlantis turned out to be one of the worst resorts I’ve stayed at in a really long time. Even the kids didn’t like it.

And when I write reviews, I always give honest ones and this review of Atlantis is no different.

PS – You can book your tour with the Swimming Pigs HERE! It was by far the best thing we did in the Bahamas!

Atlantis Bahamas Review
The lobby of the Atlantis Resort
Atlantis Bahamas Review

The Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Bahamas opened in 1994 and it’s pretty obvious that it has not been updated since then. It looks like they haven’t done much upkeep at all, to be honest.

The main lobby is amazing. I will give it that. First walking in, really took our breath away. The wide, open decor made us feel like we were in another world. I was truly impressed with the main entrance of the Atlantis.

However, the rooms are VERY basic. We opted for the middle of the pack, the Royal Towers. The price and luxury of the 5 towers rank like this (cheapest to most expensive):

  1. The Beach – very basic and furthest away
  2. The Coral – somewhat upgraded and near most of the food and shops
  3. The Royal – the iconic towers
  4. The Cove – upgraded suites
  5. The Reef – super luxury suits and penthouses
Atlantis Bahamas Review
Photo spot in front of the Royal Towers

The Royal is the middle, and main, tower at Atlantis. It’s also the most iconic tower so we decided to upgrade our room and pay extra to not only stay in the Royal Towers but to have an ocean view as well. You only live once, right?

The only nice thing about our room was the view. In hindsight, I wish we would have saved the money and stayed at the Coral Towers. The Royal was not worth the extra money.

If I can be honest in this Atlantis Bahamas Review… the rooms were no different than a Motel 6. Outdated and small.

Room at the Royal Tower, Atlantis Bahamas
Atlantis Bahamas Review
Upgraded Ocean View room a the Royal Towers
Room at the Royal Tower, Atlantis Bahamas
Our room at the Royal Towers
Bathroom at the Atlantis Resort
The very basic bathroom
The balcony at the Royal Towers Atlantis
Small balcony but great view
View from the Atlantis Royal Towers
The only good thing about the room… our view.

One really cool thing about Atlantis is that the bridge that connects the two main towers is actually a giant suite that rents for $25,000 per night. It’s called the ‘Michael Jackson’ suite due to him visiting there often. Our room was on the same level and we got a great view of this. Too bad it was empty… it’s usually rented by celebrities!

The Michael Jackson suite at the Atlantis Bahamas
The Michael Jackson suite

The tower itself was nothing special. It didn’t have a lobby like most hotels do. So if you wanted a snack or even just a cup of coffee (or a strong drink) you had to walk to the other side of the resort. Expect at least a 10-minute walk for even the most basic necessity.

The (very small) lobby doesn’t even have an employee there. So hopefully you don’t have any questions or need any assistance.

We took a few minutes to walk around the casino, but if you are traveling with kids, there really isn’t anything to do here.

Just me… horsing around and trying to make the best out of it! But I almost got in trouble here because it’s another $10 just to take a photo of this statue.

The Food at the Atlantis Resort

This Atlantis Bahamas Review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the food as well!

You’ve probably heard this several times already but the food at the Atlantis is VERY VERY expensive. Everything in the Bahamas is expensive but the Atlantis takes it to a whole new level.

Now take that added expense and put it on some of the blandest food you’ve ever eaten. And that’s what you get at the Atlantis.

We were actually really excited to go to The Bahamas and indulge in a lot of seafood or local authentic cuisine, but we did not find that at the Atlantis. Instead, we ate mostly pizza, burgers, and sandwiches.

Eating at the Atlantis Resort
The cheapest food we could find… Murphy’s Deli

Do you know how disappointing it is to travel to the Caribbean in hopes of some good seafood and end up paying $100 for a pizza and some drinks? Yeah… it sucks.

And while lots of people say “Well all of the Bahamas are expensive”, that’s just not true. You can go to any restaurant right outside of the Atlantis for half the price. PLUS, downtown Nassau has amazing authentic cuisine that is super cheap (and supports the locals).

Check Out: How To Eat Like a Local In Nassau

Decent food at Frankie Gone Bananas but still super expensive

If you have like a gazillion dollars to spend at the Atlantis, then go to a nice restaurant. But if you want to be able to afford another vacation in your lifetime, you’ll probably be stuck eating at some of the smaller restaurants.

Dining at Margaritaville just outside (walking distance) of Atlantis was the most affordable way to eat and had the biggest portions. But I could eat that in the States so, again… disappointing.

The buffet was decent. But again, you’ll find very basic American-type food there. If you do want to check it out, go for brunch. Dinner is almost the same food but twice the price. If you time it right, you can go mid-morning, fill up and then just have a light dinner.

The Service At Atlantis Isn’t Great

The staff at Atlantis weren’t friendly. I’m sorry, but they just weren’t. From the dining staff to employees in the pool area. We always felt like we were annoying to anyone we asked questions to.

When talking to a local taxi driver, he pretty much confirmed this for us. The laws for working in The Bahamas are very strict and you cannot get a visa if you are a foreigner. And the hotels pay locals a really low rate to work and have a huge turnover. So it might be that they just really don enjoy their jobs, and its pretty obvious.

Head over to Margaritaville. The food is better and more reasonably priced. But you’ll still wait hours for your food.

Even the service at restaurants is horrible. Expect to spend at least 2-3 hours at each dinner. Not because it takes that long to get a table. It takes that long to get your food.

Beware if you are traveling with young kids. Bring some snacks and maybe a tablet to keep them occupied. If we walked out of the restaurant in under 3 hours on any given night, it was considered a miracle.

Atlantis is Old and Needs Updating

I know we really wanted to stay at the Atlantis because it had a lot of hype to it. But honestly, that’s all there really is. It was probably a really nice resort 10 years ago. But it’s very clear it hasn’t been kept up very well.

The rock formations are all chipping and have paint missing.

The lazy rivers look a little too green for my liking!

And the aquarium tanks were all really cloudy. The sharks swimming around the Leap of Faith (the most popular water slide) were in a small aquarium with NOTHING inside. Like literally no coral, no plants, no rocks… nothing!

I actually found it very disturbing that so many sharks were in such a small space with nothing but glass around them. I think Atlantis needs to get rid of this attraction. They could easily fill the tank with tons of coral and colorful fish and the ride would be just as fun and exciting.

Poor sharks swimming around a small confined space

Lounge chairs were basic plastic. The food was like eating at a strip mall. And the pools were very basic. What I mean by that is… they looked like every other hotel pool. I’ve honestly seen MUCH better pools and decor at local resorts in my area.

Faded chairs crammed together. Every chair was taken within an hour.

The Atlantis needs to take a lesson from Baha Mar on what a resort pool should look like.

Atlantis is Confusing and Not Well Laid Out

Oh, and the layout of the waterpark is really confusing. Like, horribly confusing. Their printed maps don’t make any sense. They show you where each thing is located, but not what path to take to get there. We got lost and turned around several times.

And again, the staff wasn’t much help. Each time I asked how to get somewhere, they would just point and walk away, or not respond at all.

It started to become a game where when we actually found the correct waterslide we were looking for, we would jump up and down and high-five each other.

And don’t forget the dumb wristbands. In order to go on any waterslide, you need to get a wristband from a certain hut. And you need your resort card to get those. So it became like a 3-step process to get the wristbands to even go on the rides in the first place.

And each day is a new wristband. So each day, you have to find the hut to get a wristband before you can go on any rides (and of course, the wristband huts are not near the waterslides).

Atlantis also has a private area you can pay a little extra for that comes with things like a storage locker and reserved chairs. We really considered this for a minute, but then I saw the ‘private’ area and it was basically the same as every other area and just had small storage boxes in between each chair.

Save yourself the hundred dollars this cost and just get yourself a beach chair lockbox. We used this and it worked perfectly.

The private area with a lockbox costs an extra $100 per day.

What We Enjoyed About the Atlantis

The waterslides were a lot of fun… even though there were not too many of them. But the Leap of Faith was really thrilling. And we really enjoyed the not-so-lazy river.

The not-so-lazy river… this was actually a lot of fun and we did this several times.

The Dig was done really well and the kids enjoyed walking through this and seeing all the fish and relics from the lost city of Atlantis. There was even a small place where you could pet starfish and sea cucumbers.

The Dig at Atlantis
Walking through the Dig

But even the Dig only took us about 20 minutes to walk through. Not worth an entire stay at Atlantis.

One positive thing I will say about my review of Atlantis is that the beaches are amazing. We went to several beaches, both public and resort, while in the Bahamas and the Cove beach was particularly the best. The sand was soft and white and really clean. The water was clear and not too deep. The kids actually preferred this beach over any pool at Atlantis.

Review of Atlantis Resort
The Cove Beach

Get my bathing suit here!

The great thing about Cove beach is that it’s only open to Atlantis guests (cruise ship passengers were not allowed there) but no one checked so I’m not sure how they can say that.

We also really enjoyed Marina Village. You will find lots of shops (too expensive to buy anything from!) but also a lot of food places. The pizza place, deli, Frankie Gone Bananas, and some smaller places to eat are over here.

And each night they have a really cool parade. The kids really loved it. There was lots of dancing and singing and drums going on. But again, you can go to Marina Village without being a guest at Atlantis.

Marina village at Atlantis resort
Marina Village Parade

Review of Atlantis Bahamas: What I Wish We Would Have Done Instead

If I could redo the trip and still feel the need to stay at the Atlantis, I would have booked a room at the Coral Towers instead. Not only are they more inexpensive than the Royal Towers, but the coral pool was a hundred times better than any pool around Atlantis.

Find more affordable places to stay in Nassau HERE!

Here are some photos of 2 different pools around Atlantis…

One of the regular pools around Atlantis
Another basic Atlantis pool

And now here are some images of the Coral pool… such a difference!

The Coral pool
Coral Pool Cabana

I’m not exactly sure why the nicest pool would be next to the cheapest parts of Atlantis… but a lot of things about Atlantis didn’t make sense!

Right by the Coral pool was also a great area to walk around. Probably the nicest on the entire property.

Aquarium by the Coral pool
Walking around the Coral pool

All the cheaper restaurants and movie theatres were in the Coral Towers as well. So we ended up going there every night anyway. The Royal Towers only really have a casino, and we don’t gamble so we had a pretty long walk just to get to the Coral Towers every night.

Even the ice cream parlor was in the coral towers!

Atlantis Bahamas Review: Should You Stay At The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas?

The Atlantis is an iconic resort and has always been on my bucket list. At the end of the day, I’m glad we had a chance to check it out. But I think it would have been fine to stay for just a day or two.

After the first day, the kids went on every waterslide and tested each pool and they were bored. We ended up booking an excursion to Blue Lagoon Island on our third day, just to have something else to do.

Or consider getting a day pass to check out the Atlantis waterpark, take a few iconic photos, and be on your way. Trust me, you’re not missing anything if you don’t actually stay at the property.

And lesson learned… read the reviews online and always trust them. And hopefully, you’ll listen to this review of Atlantis!

Review of Atlantis

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  1. Was this Paradisd Island. I was there in the 70’s on the Sea Venture which docked by Paradise Hotel/Casino. We were there I believe for a day. I have been trying to locate someone, so very important to me. Do you have any facts onParadise Island I would appreciate if you can assist me with the information.

      1. For the most part, I agree with your review, but with a caveat. My wife and I have been there twice in the past 6 years. Two completely different experiences. The first was as a childless unmarried couple. We had a blast and recall this trip as one of the most fun we’ve taken together. We stayed at the Cove, which is actually the most luxury hotel on the property, btw. The service for Cove guests is phenomenal. Our most recent trip was with our 4 year old. We again, stayed at the Cove, but spent a lot of time in other parts of the resort more appropriate for his age. In doing so, we experienced a huge difference in service, friendliness, and competence from the staff. So we felt your pain, there. I would recommend anyone who might read this, who can afford to stay at the Cove to do so!

        1. I’m currently staying at the Cove right now (as I’m typing this) and she pretty much nailed the experience for me. The service is more accurately described as apathy for me. They lack care and the details. Multiple times you ask for anything they leave and never come back and just forget about you in anything around the resort.

          My partner and I were expecting to pay up decent amount of money for GOOD quality food and experiences but yet none were to be found. The food is.. exorbitantly expensive even to the point where I’m honestly wondering if there’s diamond hidden inside every dish. And we are from New York City – we are surrounded by expensive dining all the time and yet Atlantis somehow found a way to actually exceed the pricing than nyc with a presumptuous “gratuity” embedded in every single receipt you’ll receive on the island regardless of whether there was service or not. And we understand a lot of things need to be imported into Bahamas so they have the high tax and pricing but that does not explain what I can say is some of the worst and bland tasting foods I have ever had. I legit don’t think they have any salt or seasoning in the back. All the foods inside Atlantis, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American etc., (but for some reason no Authentic Bahamian food lmao – catered HARD towards unsuspecting/uncritical/take-it-face-value white American folks) are what I can describe to be a copy OF a mimic of what they think they should taste like. Absolutely zero authenticity in these foods. OP talks about the breakfast buffet here and tells us to go mid-morning – what I suggest is don’t go to breakfast/brunch buffet at all. Prices are normally $80 (lol what?) per person for a sad SAD excuse for basic motel-5 continental regurgitated-back-alley-leftover-dumpster food.

          And why the no authentic Bahamian cuisine inside the resort? Bahamian food is absolutely delicious but yet they include one or two dishes here and there in starters and they can’t even get those right. Like OP was saying here, you gotta go outside and downtown Nassau to really get anything tasty and priced correctly.

          One last extremely calm rant as you can see – they charge $165 for a PCR test for you to leave the country.. FOR THE PCRT TEST. Something that people NEED to get out of the country. PCR test is NOT an entertainment expense. Don’t f****** upcharge something that people need in the middle of pandemic.

          Y’all just don’t go.

          1. Just got back from our second trip here and you have summed it up perfectly. This place is horrible. Why people go here is beyond me. They accidentally gave me the wrong invoice at check out and one families bill was $5990. I’d rather stay at a best western. We will never go back. I feel bad for anyone duped by their marketing.

      2. I second this review.

        Our experience was similar; however, there was a leak near the casino with a bucket catching the drips, the aquarium was not functioning so nothing inside. There was perfect weather with NO ONE swimming in the pool. There was no one sliding down the slide, the food was horrible!!!!! I mean horrible. We found out the economy is based off of tourism and employees get around 2.00 dollars an hour. So they’re looking for tips every two seconds. I just can not believe when you see the commercials it is NOTHING compared to your actual experience. I am ver go with the flow type person, I don’t care about a little paint missing here and there, but amount of repairs needed is unbelievable..

        It was the worst resort ever (if you could call it a resort. )

  2. Have you considered renting a villa from an owner at Harborside Resort at Atlantis? You save a lot of money compared to booking on Atlantis website, and get a lot of space, with full kitchen so you don’t have to pay for expensive restaurant meals all the time, and full access to Atlantis.

    1. I think this was an unfair characterization of the the staff to say you didn’t find a friendly face to anywhere. The Atlantis is an amazing place to stay and enjoy with your family especially for the kids. It’s not perfect, no place is and it may be a little pricey but going on a vacation to a gem like the Bahamas usually is. Furthermore it looks as if you enjoyed yourself in those photos. I’m not going to say you have an agenda in this scathing review to promote another hotel like bahamar but please be fair.

      1. I can assure you my reviews are 100% accurate in my descriptions. I was not paid by either resort to promote anything. These are my experiences with my family. Furthermore, we spent several days at Atlantis, and from morning to night, we encountered many staff members. And unfortunately, they were just not very polite. I fully realize everyone has different experiences, but this review was based on my experience and I am always 100% honest with my readers! That’s been my goal from day one and I won’t ever change that.

        1. My husband and I went to Atlantis after winning the trip at work. Our rooms were run down and the AC was motion sensitive- meaning when we fell asleep and weren’t moving it went off. We would wake up sweating, wave our hands in the air so it would come on and repeat for four nights. Also- no one explained the difference between public and private beaches. We wound up on the public beach. Ordered a fruity alcoholic beverage and enjoyed it. Then the vendor walks up and asks if we want another. We declined. He got very close to our face and said “no you will have another and you will pay”. It was scary. After that a lady came by selling dollar tree tshirts and begging that we help her family. After we shoo her away along comes a lady wanting to give us massages. Geeeez. The locals are not allowed to do this on the private beach. Lesson learned.
          You are right, the staff all acted like they were miserable and avoided us at all cost. The food was outrageous so we ended up snacking on French fries. It’s sad to complain about the free flight and room but we would have enjoyed florida a million times more.

      2. We found the entire staff to be rude and disinterested. It seemed as though the nicer we tried to be, the more dismissive they were to us. The staff clearly hates their job and customers visiting them.

        We’ve experienced the same thing each of the previous 3 trips to Atlantis.
        Resort staff in Aruba, Puerto Rico, and Florida have been warm, friendly, and helpful.

        1. Yes! I tried harder and harder to smile and be nicer but it seemed like they just did not care at all.

      3. I was at the Atlantis years ago and find Jenny’s review spot on. As I’m reading her review, I’m nodding and saying, “yes!…yes!…yes!” until the very end because it was 100% inline with our experience. It ruined our taste for the Bahamas.

  3. All I could do while reading your through review was OMG, she thinks like me.

    This was the most thorough review and you have saved me and my Family over $7,000 from staying at Atlantis. We will be looking at other Carribbean islands like Bermuda and The Cayman Islands..

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

    1. Cayman Islands are AMAZING! You cant go wrong there. Aruba and Antigua are two that get the best reviews but I haven’t tested those out yet.

    2. I am planning a trip there for my son 16th birthday with a family of 4. Thinking about saying at the coral. What is your advise for me

      1. I stayed at the Comfort Suites across the street and had FULL access to Atlantis. It was a great deal to be able to see Atlantis, but also be outside and see other parts of Nassau. Walk up the street a block past Comfort, take a left at the first street, and watch the hundreds of turtles and birds from the lake deck. Free and fun!

      2. Your kids will have a great time, 11 pools, a full lesson on fish and environnent, a full water park, a clean beaitiful beach and my number ONE ….its very very safe here on Paradise Island, come and enjoy!

  4. It’s a shame you didn’t love the Atlantis! Maybe the cloudy weather effected your trip since your photos all looked a little dreary. We’ve been to the Atlantis 18 times and have loved every visit. We have stayed at all the towers over the years and The Reef is our favorite. Maybe you could have stayed in the Royal Tower located closer to their Main Lobby, nothing of which is basic at this property. This is an elaborate hotel at almost every turn. I’ve stayed at resorts in the Caymans and Aruba and none of them come the slightest bit close to the Atlantis and they cost a lot more. Other resorts on the beach usually only have one pool and could never compare to the large property at the Atlantis. Food is expensive at any island resort – at least there are many options at this resort if you do not want fine dining. I wouldn’t want others to think poorly of this resort – it is wonderful !

    1. It was actually only cloudy one day and the rest was sunny but I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! I just remember the staff was not very pleasant and the place looked run down at every turn. You should check out Baha Mar… THAT’S what a pricey resort should look like!

      1. I stayed at Baha Mar last year. The beach doesn’t compare to Paradise Island at all!! It’s rocky and small. The rooms in the main hotel of Baha Mar are laid out terribly!! The furniture is way to big for the space and two of us were literally squeezing to pass each other by.. I even complained to the front desk manager and he agreed! Pools and space are WAYYYY too crowded and soooooo many kids crying everywhere. Ugh- definitely stay in one of the two smaller boutique hotels which will set you back $1000/night. I also got sick from the food one night. Place is pretty and newer- Beware its SUPER Crowded. Won’t be back. We are going to the Cove this time around. Nassau is NOT as nice as paradise Island. I’ve been to The Bahamas 5 times already.

        1. So sorry you had that experience! We stayed at Baha Mar for under $400 a night and the pool are had tons of open seating (and we visited during Spring break!)

  5. Atlantis is my favorite place on earth to vacation. We have been all over. It is difficult that it is not all inclusive at a reasonable rate I totally agree. However I think you know it is unreasonably expensive when you plan to go… so plan for it by stopping on the way in at the grocery and do eat off site for dinner. The grounds/sealife are beyond amazing not to mention the Waterpark. I can not understand how anyone would ever get bored. Right now we are planning a return trip with an upgrade to the Reef. This is simply a strange review probably just a lack of research on a vacation trip or a lack of Caribbean experience.

    1. I appreciate your comments! And to each their own I guess. Yes, it is expensive everywhere in Nassau, I spoke of this in my review of Baha Mar as well. Perhaps you should try some new places to stay when you travel and you will see how resorts are supposed to look. Atlantis just pales in comparison as far as cleanliness and staff service. I’m sorry if you think I have a lack of research or as you say “Caribbean experience” but I can assure you that’s not the case. I actually find that people who enjoy places like Atlantis don’t often travel elsewhere and know what other resorts have to offer. Try expanding your travels and you won’t regret it!

    2. I have to join the dissent. We have gone to this resort every other year for 10 years. First and a married couple and now with our kids. We love it. It’s like home.
      The water park can turn you around, but you get used to it once you know where things are.
      The reason the best pool was at the cheapest tower is because that is where the renovations have started. There used to be a lazy river where the pool is now and it was replaced by the much cooler Canyon Ride. There will be updates in the future across the park.
      As for the service, you find lemons everywhere but whenever we shared a smile, we got one in return.
      We spend all of our time on the beach. Best beaches around.
      Can’t wait to go again.

      1. Agreed they have great beaches! We went in March of 2020 so maybe they made some updates since then. I hope so! They just dont compare to newer resorts like Baha Mar.

  6. We had a fabulous time at Atlantis, so fyi to you and yous, we stayed in the timeshare so I did my research and we bought with us frozen cheese and meats like bacon and of course coffee because that is most expensive to buy there. Stopped at a grocery store for a few things like milk and bread and jar spaghetti before checking in. Then each morning we had a protien rich breakfast getting arm bands. Brought cheese and meats and crackers to snack on. Ate out only 1x a day. Usually over at the green parrot. Great seafood reasonable prices for the area. Took the shuttle to town and bought cheap awesome rum, to mix with coke ,in refillable cups that lasted days. The beach is awesome when the stupid cruise ship people make the lines too long. But the slides were so fun. We also took a great ferry to another island to see the dolphins.
    I did learn that the comfort in which is way cheaper also includes daily armbands with the stay if you dont like the timeshare thing.
    The slides were so awesome I want to go back before I am too old. If you love waterparks this is the place to go. All you need is swimsuits and sundress and snorkels and fins. All in our carrying on luggage and frozen cheezeslices and meat. Oh ya the most expensive thing there is sunscreen, we joked that if you sold sunscreen that you brought with you, on the beach for half of what they charge you could pay for your trip.

    1. Is there a free shuttle into Nassau town? or do you need to stay in specific tower

      1. There are no free shuttles but you can take the jitney (their local bus system) very easily and very inexpensively!

    2. Some folks like cruise ships and others private yachts. I would put Atlantis in the cruise ship category.

  7. I’ve stayed there with kids and was fabulous. We stayed in an area where we had baby sharks in the pond outside our room. BTW. You sure look happy.

  8. Thank you for all this info!!!! We are looking at Atlantis and this was exactly my worry. I also find it interesting so many people that LOVE this place and go so often are spending time reading reviews…LOL! I can’t imagine going anywhere over and over again when there is so much in our world to explore! We’re planning a June trip and want to go to Florida, the Keys, or Caribbean somewhere. Think I need to keep looking. Thanks for all the info!

    1. Lol, you took the words right out of my mouth! And yes, some people love Atlantis, I didn’t. That’s my opinion. My goal is to always give honest reviews. Because that’s exactly what I would want to read! And I’m like you, I only go to a place once. I have way too many items on my bucket list to stay at the same place over and over again.

  9. Thank you SO much for this review! We have been to Nassau years ago but stayed south. We visited on a cruise with kids a few years ago but did the blue lagoon excursion so never visited Atlantis. It’s been on my list for a while but my heart sank when I read the review! Yes, to each their own, but you seem to have the same thoughts as I would about several things! I was thinking that by staying at the Royal that I would be “closer” to everything, especially food, etc. With hungry, tired kids, I don’t want to walk long distances and wait hours! I have also stayed at enough resorts to want nice, friendly staff and nice rooms, pools. I had been looking at other resorts that you mentioned and think we will choose elsewhere and just visit Atlantis! Thank you so much for this review!

  10. I justed returned from staying at the Royal in Atlantis and its not worth staying.
    Atlantis is overrated and overpriced.
    There’s no service through out the hotel.
    Save your money and stay someplace else.

  11. We love Atlantis, and not because we haven’t tried anywhere else in the Caribbean (we’ve stayed at least a week in Jamaica, Cayman, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Aruba, along with multiple resorts in Florida and Mexico). It’s amazing that your kids would be bored after a couple of days at a beautiful beach with multiple pools, a variety of water slides, and numerous aquariums.7

    1. There are only a handful (meaning 5) waterslides. How many times a day can you keep going down the same ones? And aquariums? You walk through once and you’re done 20 minutes later. Do you and your family spend countless hours staring at the aquariums? And yes, the beaches are nice. But it’s the Bahamas… the beaches are nice at every resort! 🙂

      1. I’m sure the kids will be less bored at a resort with zero water slides, zero river rides, and zero aquariums …

        1. People pay attention to what she is writing, its all true so travelers beware. I just returned from Atlantis and wish i knew all this beforehand. This was the worst trip for me and my family and the experience was even worse in person. Go elsewhere or just save your money Atlantis is not worth it

  12. We are planning a trip this coming summer with our 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son. Our main reason for visiting the Atlantis is my daughter’s love of sharks and the sea. We plan on signing her up for the Sea Squirt program. I’ve been reading any blog I can find on this place because the price is so high. Currently, we were looking at the Coral and the Royal. The website claims that all rooms are newly renovated. My worry is that if you were just there a year ago that is not true. (and some even sooner than you). We were expecting to spending a heavy chunk of money on this trip but now I am second guessing it all. In your travel opinion, how many days is sufficient to stay? At first we were thinking a week but I’m worried thats too long but is four days enough to really experience it all? Since our kids are young enough we were going to purchase a dining plan (they will be free with a purchase of an adult). Also, advice on best ways to book? Thank you for your post and all advice afterward.

    1. I think 3-4 days is plenty (have you checked out Baha Mar yet? It’s so much nicer!) And sadly, the best way to book si directly through the website. Atlantis does not like giving away discounts. I hunted long and hard for some and never found any.

  13. Hello

    Loved the review. I have a question about the wristband. Is this given at checkin? or each day at the park. We are reserving several rooms. Do they look at how many people in each room to get a wristband? I am afraid the kids will just give one room number, etc


    1. Each person has their own wristband and you need a new one each day. The pain in the butt part is, you have to go find the special wristband stand in the waterpark to get one each morning. They do not make them easy to find. We also had no one at check-in tell us this and were in line for a waterslide and turned away on our first day.

  14. I could not agree more! We are here now. The attitudes of people who work here are awful! The locals we have met on the outside of the resort are much nicer. Atlantis has been a bucket list item for me and I brought my kids and grandkids here for a 5 night stay. Ridiculously expensive. Actually everything in your review hits the nail on the head. I guess even if I’d read it before now I would have come just to check it off my list. But, I’ve traveled all over the world and this is definitely not worth the $10000+ expense. My grandchildren are very young and are having a great time thank goodness – but they would have anywhere!

  15. We just got back from there and will be writing almost the same blog write-up you did. We stayed in a suite at The Cove and had the same horrible services, food and experience in spite of what should have been the more upscale section of the resort.

    This was once a great property, but the new ownership has turned it into a terrible waste of money.

    Thanks for a great post. Safe travels.

  16. August 2021 Tried to get assistance from staff. Very non responsive. Hoped to do a family reunion in the future. The phone conversations and the information above have led me to not plan using Atlantis. Thanks for your personal experiences.

  17. Hi, If staying at Baha Mar can you use Atlantis waterpark or see their aquariums? I assume their is a cost?

    Also, any recommendations on an all-inclusive Bahamas/Caribbean vacation for five(three children) Thank you-first timers to the Bahamas

    1. Yes, you can buy a day pass to visit Atlantis waterpark… but beware! Cruise ship passengers do this as well and that’s why it can be overcrowded a lot.

  18. I cannot tell you how spot-on you were about EVERYTHING!!
    Good for a day trip. NONE I REPEAT NONE of the food is even remotely tasteful.


  19. Thank you so much for this. I just left Atlantis for a week long trio and I wasnt sure if i was being negative or ungrateful. My boyfriend and I had a really nice time but everything you said hit the nail directly on the head, the prices, the service/ attitude of staff and the rooms. Like yourself, it was a bucket list thing for us but I wouldn’t recommend it to people. Thanks for your honest review!!

  20. I agree! My husband had a conference there so we took our whole family. Very outdated rooms. The ridiculous amount of walking for our elderly dad and lack of dining options for small kids were huge negative. The water slide and lazy river were the most entertaining. After a few days we left the resort for great food I will not ever go back or recommend

  21. We are at the Atlantis now, staying at The Cove, on Marriott points. Our suite and view is amazing. We are in our 60’s, have no children or grandchildren with us. The beaches are amazing, the adult pool offers great service, but the prices are insane!! I would hate to be on a budget, and I would hate to have kids here and not have brought a ton of snacks from home. My least favorite thing about the Bahamas, and Atlantis, is the service charge, and VAT tax, on top of the ridiculous prices….then they want an extra tip!?! Seriously?
    We were in Portugal for 3 weeks in May, and didn’t spend this much. Everything is so reasonable, and the people are unbelievably nice and helpful…possibly the best place I’ve been in Europe.

  22. Wow this was really helpful ! I’m trying to plan a resort trip with my BF and it has been such a feat.
    I heard Sandals is pretty good as well as Jaguar in Belize.
    If you can help with any tips on planning or good locations for a great experience I’m so open to it !
    Thank you so much !

  23. You are spot on with this review! I stayed at Atlantis years ago and it was beautiful, but I visited last week on a day pass to the water park and was shocked at how they have let the property go. It’s sad to see such a decline. One positive for Atlantis – we had lunch at an outdoor spot at the center of the water park and the lady who waited on us was wonderful. We stayed at Baha Mar and it was amazing…I highly recommend it as an alternative to Atlantis.

  24. I am here at the Atlantis on what was to be a 5 night trip but just changed my flight to go home 2 days early.., I agree with all of the earlier comments concerning the price and quality of food .. and lack of entertainment options for adults. The sad thing is I’m here on a trip where the rooms are free and it’s still not worth it! I travel a lot and don’t mind paying for things I enjoy , but this isn’t it!

  25. Terrible service, terrible attitudes by almost everyone, expensive disgusting food, and a lot of walking. On top of the 15% mandatory tip, there is a 10% VAT tax. The crazy part is they want you to tip more for the worst service imaginable. We stayed somewhere else and I realized Bahamas is a not a place you want to spend your hard earned money. Mostly all have terrible attitudes which is ironic considering they need tourism to survive. Never again…

    1. Well this was my 7th or 8th time there. By far the worst. Never going back. Stayed in the Coral Towers that were updated about 4 years ago and need updating again. Disgusting!!! The front desk service was the worst. My tv kept freezing up to the point where I was complaining several times a day. They said they would reset it but nothing was fixed. The vent air filter was so disgusting I had to call to replace it. Too many issues to where the ceiling was leaking. I have pictures to post if I can upload. Never going back!!! Baha Mar it is next time.

  26. We were thinking of traveling there in September 2023. But after reading this I’m not sure! We don’t get to travel that much so I want to spend my hard earned money on an amazing trip not one I regret! Any recommendations? It will be myself (42 years old) son (5 years old) and my parents (late 60’s early 70’s)


    1. I would do what we did. Stay at the Atlantis for a day or two just to get the experience and say you stayed there. But book at another place for the remainder of your vacation as well.

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