Best places in Flagstaff to go sledding

Where To Go Sledding In Flagstaff For Free

If you are a resident of Arizona, chances are you are going to head up the mountain to Flagstaff in the winter and go sledding or play in the snow.

If you’re not sure where the best sledding spots in Flagstaff are, don’t worry! I’ve put together a list of the best places in Flagstaff, Arizona to go sledding and play in the snow.

I’ve even taken the liberty and listed which ones are pet friendly. Because if you’re anything like me, you love to travel with your dogs! And hey… dogs deserve a fun snow day too!

So grab your snow pants and boots and prepare yourself for a fun snow-filled day in Flagstaff!

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1 – Flagstaff Snow Park

Ok, this one is NOT free, but worth the mention because it is super fun. But I promise the rest of these are all free spots!

If you are looking for a great organized snow play area for sledding in Flagstaff, then Flagstaff Snow Park is your best bet.

You can have a really great time here (for a fee) and enjoy everything from a small kiddie hill to much larger hills. They even have tubes you can rent if you don’t own a sled.

The Flagstaff Snow Park is a great place to spend an entire day sledding, building snowmen, or even enjoying some hot chocolate and marshmallows around one of their fire pits.

Bummer though… this is NOT a dog-friendly area. AKA, you cannot bring your pup to Flagstaff Snow Park.

2 – Foxglenn Park

One of my personal favorites, Foxglenn Park is located right in the heart of Flagstaff and really easy to get to. Not to mention they have tons of room to play. If you go past the baseball fields, you’ll find a smaller hill to the left which is great for younger sledders.

Head to the right and you’ll find a pretty big sled hill for the older crowd! Foxglenn park also has a playground and BIG open fields perfect for playing in the snow.

There is so much wide open area here, we made snowmen, had a snowball fight, and let the dogs run and play off-leash since we were very spread out from other families.

This park is even dog-friendly and we took our dogs to play in the snow here while we made snowmen!

3 – Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park doe not have a designated sledding area but the park itself consists of several hills through the trees. It also has a great playground area and a good park!

Since it’s just a park, it’s free to use. And there is plenty of parking. You just have to be a little creative on where you go sledding (don’t hit a tree!) and most of the hills are smaller. So great for little kids, but not as much fun for the thrill seekers.

There is also a dog park within the Thorpe Park area, so the pups can run around and play in the snow. But they will have to remain on leashes if you go to the park and sledding areas.

4 – Fort Tuthill

Located just a little south of Flagstaff, Fort Tuthill is actually very close to the Flagstaff Snow Park. This is a good option if you want to skip the cost of the snow park. But you will have to bring your own sleds.

There are several hills here, both big and small for all ages. Plus picnic tables, bathrooms, and plenty of parking.

The only downside is that since it is free, it can quickly get crowded, especially on the weekends.

While you can bring leashed dogs here, it is more difficult because of the large crowds. So not my first choice if I have the pups. But the location makes it the closest and shortest drive from the Phonix area.

5 – Buffalo Park

This sledding area is located on the more northern side of Flagstaff so it’s a little lesser known then than other places. Which makes it a less crowded place to sled!

It’s a wide-open park with hiking trails and plenty of space. The hills are a bit smaller, so great for the younger kids. But this is also a dog-friendly area you can bring your furry loved ones with you and let them frolic in the snow too!

Buffalo Park is probably the largest area where sledding and snow play are allowed. So if you don’t mind walking and some smaller hills, you will definitely have more private areas to play in (and maybe let the pups off leash but shhh don’t tell anyone I said that).

Best Places to Stay In Flagstaff During the Winter

Most of these sledding areas are a close enough drive to come up for a day trip from Phoenix, but if you would like to stay a night, check out one of these great hotels in Flagstaff that are perfect for a snowy winter getaway.

1 – Little America Hotel

By far the best Hotel to stay in during the winter season. The hotel itself looks like it’s right out of a Christmas movie and they have the whole place decorated. They even have a Christmas light show in the parking lot.

Check here for the best price – Little America Hotel Flagstaff

2 – High Country Motor Lodge

Located near NAU and Downtown Flagstaff, this super fun and modern hotel was recently renovated. your family will love the boutique hotel feel and the location cannot be beaten.

Check here for the best price – High Country Motor Lodge

3 – La Quinta by Wyndham Flagstaff

One of our favorites because it is pet-friendly and probably the most affordable hotel in Flagstaff that’s also cute and modern. They even have a hot tub which is always a kid’s favorite.

Check Here For Best Price – La Quinta by Wyndham Flagstaff

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