Atlantis resort. which atlantis hotel is best for your family?

Which Atlantis Hotel is Best For Families: How To Choose The Right One

Trying to figure out Which Atlantis Hotel is Best For Families?

Traveling to the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas is a dream come true for many families. Even as an adult, I spent years dreaming about one of the most iconic resorts in the world.

When it came time to finally book a trip to stay at the Atlantis, we were beyond excited! But then I started to do the research and realized there were a whole lot of options!

Five different hotels? Holy smokes! Besides the obvious difference in price, each of the 5 resorts located at the Atlantis all have something different to offer.

So whether you are looking for fun and adventure, relaxation by a glamorous pool, or luxury amenities, we will go over each property so you can see which one will be the best fit for your family!

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Map of Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Bahamas Hotels

The following 5 hotels are the main resorts located in the Bahamas that make up the Atlantis. This list goes over the pros and cons of each resort, in order of inexpensive to most expensive.

So when looking for Which Atlantis Hotel is Best For Families, it all depends on what you’re looking for!

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The Beach Tower at Atlantis

PROS: The Beach Tower at the Atlantis is located on the far east side of the property. It is the most budget-friendly than the other towers. So if you are visiting Atlantis on a tight budget, this might work best for you.

It’s also really great for families. The rooms are bigger than the main tower and recently renovated. The Beach tower is also located right on the shore and has very quick and easy access to a nice beach area where kids can play.

It also has great views of the rest of the resort and easy access to some fun amenities like the movie theatre.

The pool area near the Beach Tower also happens to be one of my favorite pools at the Atlantis Resort. It’s a lot prettier and has some really nice loungers versus the crowded plastic chairs at the other pools.

CONS: The building itself is kind of old and outdated so you won’t have that fun feeling of staying at the iconic pink Atlantis towers. And even though the rooms are recently renovated, they are still pretty bland.

So you may not have that luxurious resort feeling like you were hoping for, even though you’re paying the price for it.

The Beach Tower is also located the furthest away from some of the more adventurous amenities. The waterslides and dolphin experience are closer to the other side of the resort so if you have older kids who want to use the slides, you may be doing a lot of walking.

The Coral Tower At Atlantis

PROS – The Coral Tower is your second cheapest option at Atlantis. So if the Beach Tower is too plain for you, the Coral is a great option at a good budget but gives you a little more of that Atlantis feel.

What I love the most about the Coral Towers is the location. Located in between the Beach Tower and the Roayl Tower, you will find all sorts of restaurants near here, including the ice cream shop if you are traveling with kids. Not to mention the buffet. The movie theatre and some shops are also located in this tower.

And to top it off, it is the closest tower to Marina Village which offers all sorts of restaurants, shops, and just generally pretty scenery to walk around. We spent most of our nights walking around Marina Village.

CONS – Just like The Beach Tower, Coral Towers are older and somewhat outdated. While they do have some bigger room sizes, you will still be paying a bit more for an outdated bland room.

It’s also a pretty good walk to the main waterslides and dolphin experience. And because of its location, it’s got a lot going on and is not the place to be if you are looking for quiet, relaxing nights.

The Coral also has the most traffic and people around it so if you are looking for peace and quiet, this might not be the best tower for you and your family.

The Royal Towers – The Main Iconic Towers

PROS – The iconic Royal Towers! When picturing Atlantis, this is the tower you see everywhere. so staying here is very appealing to most guests.

It’s right in the middle of the price points of all five towers. So not the most expensive, but definitely not the cheapest either. And with this tower, you get what you pay for. The rooms are a little nicer and the balconies have the best views of the entire resort.

The Royal Towers at Atlantis also, in my opinion, have the best location. They are located smack dab in the middle of the resort. So you can easily get to the main waterslides and pool areas. Or to either of the other towers.

CONS – You really are just paying an extra price to say you stayed in the main tower. Save some money and just take a photo of yourself standing in front of it… Your friends will never know!

But the biggest downside to this tower is that there are NO amenities here. The main lobby is empty. Literally. There’s not even a person there. So if you need anything, even a cup of coffee in the morning, or have questions you would usually ask the front desk staff, you have to walk through the Casino to get to the Coral Towers.

The Reef At Atlantis

PROS – When looking at Which Atlantis Hotel is Best For Families, The Reef Tower is a favorite. You can find large, spacious rooms here. They even offer some condo-style rooms with more than one bedroom.

The rooms at the Reef even come with kitchenettes and fully stocked kitchens so you can stock up on food and snacks to have easily available for your kids. The food at Atlantis is VERY expensive so this could be a money saver as well.

The rooms here are modern and updated and you will definitely get that luxurious feel you’re hoping for. This tower also has a private pool that is only open to those staying at either the Reef or the Cove Towers. And cruise ship guests are not allowed here, making it the most private pool area in the entire resort.

This tower even has its own gym and Starbucks so you don’t have to walk across the entire resort for some amenities.

CONS – The Reef is a pretty pricey part of Atlantis. So if budget isn’t an issue, youll be fine but the cost of staying here isn’t always an option for most. And even though it is located in a very private area of Atlantis, it is far from the main restaurants and Marina Village which means youll be doing a lot of walking just to grab dinner most nights.

The Cove at Atlantis

PROS – The Cove is going to be your most glamorous, modern, spacious room at the Atlantis resort. So if money isn’t an issue, the Cove is the place to be! The Cove also has access to the same private pool as the Reef Tower. But the Cove has its own special Cove beach which in my opinion, was one of the prettiest beaches in all of Nassau.

And because the cruise ship passengers cannot access this beach, the lounge chairs and soft white sand are never overcrowded.

The Cove is the prettiest of all the towers and with its location, offers the best views of the ocean and surrounding beaches.

CONS – The obvious drawback of the Cove Tower is the price. It is the most expensive and when I say expensive, I mean VERY expensive. And just like the Reef, it is a far walk to Marina Village and the rest of the amenities at Atlantis.

Harborside Resort

The Harborside Resort is not technically a resort at Atlantis but it earns an honorable mention for several reasons and can be a great option for families on a budget, or if all other rooms are sold out.

PROS – These adorable pastel-colored buildings are a great option for families on a budget. They are the most affordable than any of the other 5 towers at the Atlantis resort. And even though they are not considered to be part of Atlantis, guests here get Atlantis passes so they can still access all the pools and waterslides.

The location of the Harborside Resort is also a plus. Located right outside Marina Village, there are plenty of shops and restaurants near including local nightlife. And you have great views of the million-dollar yachts lined up at the Marina.

Harborside Resort has its own private pool that is never overcrowded like Atlantis pools can be because you don’t have Atlantis guests or cruise ship guests coming here. So you can use this pool or any of the pools at Atlantis.

CONS – The biggest con is that you are not actually staying at the Atlantis Resort. So if you have your heart set on Atlantis, this isn’t it. and yes, you can use their amenities. But Atlantis allows you to buy day passes to the pools and waterslides so you really don’t even need to stay here to be able to partake in all that.

Another big drawback is the location. Sure, you are close to Marina Village, but you are not close to the beaches and the oceans. So definitely no ocean views. And any beach at Atlantis will be quite a walk for you and your family.

Which Atlantis Hotel is Best For Families

Atlantis does offer some great options in terms of price and luxury that appeal to families. You really can’t go wrong when staying at this resort.

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