Arizona weekend with kids

6 Unforgettable Arizona Weekend Trips with Kids

Thinking of taking an Arizona weekend trip with kids?

With its diverse landscapes, unique attractions, and rich cultural history, Arizona offers plenty of family-friendly weekend destinations that are as educational as they are fun.

From natural wonders like the Grand Canyon to immersive historical sites like Tombstone, your family will find something for everyone in this captivating state.

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Exploring the Natural Wonders of the Grand Canyon

Experience the wonder of the Grand Canyon, a perfect starting point for your Arizona weekend trip with kids.

The breathtaking views of this natural marvel are an excellent way to spark your children’s interest in the environment. There are numerous ways to engage with the canyon, from peaceful hikes along the Rim Trail to watching the magnificent sunset paint the canyon’s walls.

For a unique and thrilling experience, consider embarking on a mule ride along the steep canyon trails. It’s an adventure the kids will not soon forget.

To further enrich the experience, visit the Junior Ranger Program at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. Here, your kids can partake in exciting activities, learn more about the Grand Canyon, and have the chance to earn their own junior ranger badge.

This iconic Arizona landmark is not just a sight to see, but a living classroom for children to learn and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Tombstone, Arizona. Arizona Weekend Trips with Kids

1 – Indulging in History and Mystery at Tombstone

Venture into the heart of Arizona’s Wild West history in the renowned town of Tombstone.

Famous for the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, a historic event in the annals of western lore, this town brings history to life with various fascinating tours and enthralling live reenactments.

A must-visit is the Bird Cage Theatre, a preserved relic from Tombstone’s boisterous past, where tales of lawless days still echo through its halls.

Another intriguing site is the Boothill Graveyard. Here, unusual epitaphs etched on tombstones recount fascinating stories of those who lived and died during the thrilling era of the Wild West.

Young historians will be captivated by the town’s rich past, making Tombstone an essential stop on your Arizona weekend trip with kids.

Remember, every corner of this historic town has a story to tell, so take your time to explore and soak up the unique atmosphere.

Arizona Weekend Trips with Kids. Navajo nation
Navajo nation reservation at Monument Valley, Arizona,

2 – Delving into Native American Culture at Navajo Nation

Immerse your family in the rich tapestry of Native American heritage by visiting the Navajo Nation. The nation’s vast reservation is home to a variety of tribal parks and monuments that offer an authentic glimpse into Navajo traditions and history.

As you traverse the expansive landscape, be sure to watch traditional Navajo weaving demonstrations, a craft passed down through generations, capturing the spirit and soul of the Navajo people.

For a deeper understanding of the Navajo lifestyle and trade, the Hubbell Trading Post is a must-visit. Established in the 1870s, it still functions as a trading post and offers a unique insight into the Navajo economy and social interactions.

The Navajo Nation Museum is another highlight. The museum houses an extensive collection of historical artifacts, contemporary art, and educational exhibits that unravel the complex history and vibrant culture of the Navajo people.

From ancient traditions to modern life, a visit to the Navajo Nation will open your children’s eyes to the diversity and richness of Native American cultures. The kids will come away with a greater appreciation for America’s indigenous heritage and a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving it.

Biosphere Tucson
Tucsons Biosphere 2

3 – Unleashing the Inner Scientist at Biosphere 2

For families with a passion for science and exploration, Biosphere 2 is a must-visit on your Arizona weekend trip with kids.

This incredible research facility, covered by a vast glass dome, is a gateway to various ecosystems of our planet. It houses a thriving rainforest, a replicated ocean, a unique desert ecosystem, among other ecological habitats under one roof.

Here, your children can explore and learn about our world’s different environments in an extraordinary hands-on way. Each guided tour offers a peek into the secrets of earth science, sustainability, and the effects of climate change.

The interactive exhibits within Biosphere 2 encourage children to ask questions, spark their curiosity, and nurture a deep respect for our planet’s diverse ecosystems. This destination allows your little scientists to indulge their curiosity, and understand the importance of conservation, and the roles we can play in preserving our environment.

The lessons learned at Biosphere 2 will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on young minds, encouraging them to think critically about the world around them. So, if your kids are fascinated by the mysteries of our planet, a visit to Biosphere 2 will be a highlight of your family weekend trip in Arizona.

arizona with kids
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

4 – Having Fun and Learning at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Venture into the fascinating world of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, a unique destination in Tucson that is a blend of a zoo, botanical garden, and a natural history museum.

Kids are bound to enjoy the sight of the animals in their natural habitats, encounter stunning desert plants, and delve into exciting exhibits that bring education and amusement together.

A host of desert critters like coyotes, javelinas, and hummingbirds await their curious little spectators, while the Cactus Garden and Desert Loop Trail offer a captivating showcase of desert flora.

Interactive exhibits like the Earth Sciences Center display an extensive collection of minerals and fossils, unraveling Arizona’s geologic history.

Educational programs and demonstrations, such as the Raptor Free Flight where desert birds soar right above the guests, are not only thrilling but are also designed to inspire young minds to appreciate the complexity and beauty of desert life.

This unique outdoor museum offers a comprehensive exploration of the Sonoran Desert, bringing your kids closer to nature while promoting enjoyable learning. Indeed, a visit to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum will be an enthralling and enriching experience on your Arizona weekend trip with kids.

Petrified National Forest
Petrified National Forest

5 – Adventuring in the Petrified Forest National Park

Embrace the magic of the Petrified Forest National Park, a haven of geological wonders and rich historical significance.

This unique location is home to a dazzling display of fossilized trees that span over millions of years, transforming your trip into a journey back in time. But the intrigue of the park extends beyond its titular attraction; ancient petroglyphs and archaeological sites weave tales of early civilizations that once called these lands home.

Trekking through the diverse hiking trails, families can uncover the secrets of the park at their own pace. With routes suitable for all ages and abilities, it’s an adventure waiting to be embarked upon.

The park’s Junior Ranger programs offer a fantastic opportunity for kids to delve deeper into the park’s marvels.

Through interactive activities and learning experiences, children can gain a more profound understanding and appreciation of this extraordinary destination. As they explore, learn, and play in the vast expanse of the Petrified Forest National Park, every moment is sure to be an enchanting experience on your Arizona weekend trip with kids.

Old Tucson Cowboy
Old Tucson Cowboy

6 – Discovering Arizona’s Wild West Roots in Old Tucson

Step back in time at Old Tucson, a captivating recreation of an 1880s Western frontier town.

Known for serving as a film set for various Western movies, this unique location has transformed into a family-friendly attraction where visitors can experience the Wild West in an engaging and interactive way.

Children will be thrilled with the prospect of panning for gold, witnessing high-energy stunt shows, and even dressing up in period-appropriate costumes for a genuine taste of life in the old West.

The opportunity to interact with actors portraying historical characters further enhances the immersive experience. Historic tours around the town provide a deeper dive into Arizona’s Western roots.

Fun and educational, a visit to Old Tucson not only offers amusement but also a valuable peek into a pivotal period in American history. A day spent here is a wonderful way to conclude your Arizona weekend trip with kids, leaving them with lasting memories and a newfound appreciation for the vibrant history of the Wild West.

With its rich history and exciting activities, Old Tucson promises a day of adventure and learning for the whole family.

Unforgettable Arizona Weekend Trips with Kids

Arizona has been my hometown for over 15 years now and where I’ve raised my daughter. But it still surprises me how often I find new and unique things to do with her.

One of the reasons we love Arizona is because of the diverse landscape and culture you can find throughout the state.

So if you are looking for fun things to do with your kids in Arizona, this list helps you to find new and unique things to do to get your kids off their phones and outside exploring!

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Unforgettable Arizona Weekend Trips with Kids

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