What to wear on a South African Safari.
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What To Wear On A South African Safari

Are you getting ready to go on a safari in South Africa? Here is a list of What To Wear On A South African Safari.

If you’re headed to South Africa, you’re probably going to go on a safari! Let’s be real, that is THE most popular reason to travel to South Africa. And it’s pretty obvious why.

Going on a safari is an experience unlike anything else. And you can only do it in certain parts of the world. So put this on your bucket list and get ready to see some of the Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and African buffalo) up close!

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What is Best to Wear on a Safari in South Africa?

Trying to choose what to wear on a South African safari can be pretty tough!

You’ll want to be comfortable, potentially get dirty, but also look cute for those photos. So how do you incorporate all that into one or two outfits?

Oh and did I mention the African plains have very unpredictable weather? It can be sunny and warm one day and cold rain the next day. And they take you out rain or shine!

My first safari day was cold and rainy. It was hard to even see some things because the rain was whipping at my face. But the next day was warm. Either way, you’re going on that safari! So you better be prepared.

South Africa Safari Outfit Ideas

Since the weather can be unpredictable, I would suggest dressing in layers. For my first day, I chose a fitted tee shirt, some cargo pants, a twill jacket, and some gym shoes.

It was as safari as I could look without looking too much like a ridiculous tourist!

What to wear on a South African Safari.

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If you want to dress it up a little bit, try this long cheetah print Kimono. Pair it with some black leggings and a fitted blank tank if you’re having a warm and sunny day on your South African Safari.

Another great idea that would work great for both warm and chilly weather is this Long Sleeved Tan Romper. With the right accessories, this would look super cute on a South African Safari and would be comfortable to wear in a jeep bumping along those dirt roads.

What Colors Not to Wear on Safari in South Africa?

You’ve probably heard some people say that you should NOT wear bright colors when taking a South African Safari. The main reason being that you dont want to stand out to the wild animals. So neutral colors help you blend in more.

However, most safari guides will tell you that isn’t always the case. Most wild animals see in black and white and when you are all huddled together in a big safari jeep, none of these animals are going to notice your bright pink sweater.

But in the spirit of the safari, dressing in animal print or neutral colors just looks a whole lot better!

What Colors to Avoid: In many parts of Africa, wearing camouflage can be illegal. So double-check with your guides or lodges if that is the case. But I find it best to just avoid camouflage just in case.

You also want to avoid very dark colors like navy blue or black. When it’s dry out, these dark colors can attract insects. Especially the Teste fly which can have a very nasty bite.

This also brings me to another item to avoid wearing on your South African Safari, even though it has nothing to do with colors. Avoid wearing anything that exposes too much skin.

On sunny days, you can easily get burned. And you’re out in the bush… there are bugs everywhere! Not to mention, we often drove through trees and shrubs. If you happen to be sitting on one of the outside seats, your arms might get swiped a little. So having long sleeves on will help keep you safe.

What Kind of Shoes to Wear on Safari?

For the most part, you’ll be sitting inside a safari jeep, and the type of shoes you will be wearing won’t matter at all. So keep them comfortable. And be mindful that it could be very rainy or muddy on your walk from the lodge to the jeep.

Some Shoe Ideas for Safaris:

  • Nike cheetah print sneakers for women – Not that you need these for your safari, but I love the fact that they are so comfortable and have cheetah print on them! How cute is that!
  • Hiking Boot – These are comfortable, waterproof, mudproof, and great if you are going hiking or anything off into the wild.
  • Nike Low Top Shoes – I just love these. They are a great neutral color and go with every outfit. They are comfortable to walk around all day in. And they look great with both safari clothes, shorts, and dresses… they are such great traveling shoes because most importantly, they don’t take up too much room in your suitcase!

What Should I Pack For My South African Safari?

Now that you have your outfits figured out (hopefully!) it’s time to talk about what accessories and other items you will want to bring on your South African Safari!

Seeing these animals out in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people. And you don’t want to miss a single second of it. So make sure you bring all these items so you can have a wonderful experience!

Binoculars – Some animals are up close and easy to see, but some are hiding in the bush. We saw a cheetah stalking some prey and she kept popping in and out of bushes. I never would have even seen her if it wasn’t for my binoculars! And when we saw the lions, they walked pretty closely to our jeep, but being able to see the details of their features was amazing! I love these portable binoculars that work great but are small enough to travel well.

Phone – Dont forget your phone! Phones take great photos and videos. And while you can bring a professional camera, having lots of photos right there on your phone is ideal.

Go Pro – Photos of safari animals are great but taking videos of these animals in their natural habitat is a MUST. I was able to take an amazing video of that cheetah walking right past our jeep and slick away into the bush. And I got to film a lioness throwing her head back and roaring several times. I’m so glad I got some great videos of that with my GoPro!

Camera – Nothing… I Mean NOTHING… captures the details of these animals like a really good camera with a zoom lens. I love my mirrorless FujiFilm camera. It operates like a professional camera but is small and lightweight, making it way easier to pack than most DSLR Cameras.

Poncho – Our lodge provided ponchos for us on our first day when there was some pretty heavy rain. But I wouldn’t rely on that! These jeep safaris go out rain or shine. So it is better to be prepared so you can enjoy your experience. These reusable rain ponchos also travel well and take up very little room.

Wide Brimmed Safari Hat – This is one thing I did not pack but I sure sigh I did. Not only is it super cute, but it keeps both the sun and the rain out of your eyes so you can see the animals. I love this wide brimmed bucket hat, it goes perfectly with the South African Safari theme and looks great too!

Lightweight Scarf – I bought this exact lightweight scarf for my travels to South Africa and I swear it was one of my best purchases. I paired it with a simple black dress for a nice dinner. But I also used it on the Safari. It not only keeps your neck warm (the morning safari is cold!) but it helps keep bugs and dirt out of your face. And the price is so affordable!

Crossbody Bag – This was another one of my best purchases for my trip to South Africa. I not only wore this all around town (it straps to your front for safety purposes) but it came in really handy for the safari. When on the safari jeep, you don’t have much room to store items. This small crossbody bag stayed on my chest and kept my phone and binoculars safe and dry while we were bumping along those dirt road.

Portable Charger – Depending on what kind of safari you do, you could be out for a few hours or even all day. You obviously don’t want to miss taking any photos because your phone died so bring a portable charger that you can toss in your bag!

What To Wear On A South African Safari

Packing for your South African safari can be overwhelming! But in the end, it’s totally possible to keep it simple but look great at the same time.

These safari outfit ideas are easy and affordable to recreate and will guarantee you are well prepared to enjoy your time among the wild animals of Africa!

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What to Wear on a South African Safari

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