Delta Non-Stop Flight From Atlanta To Cape Town

Delta Non-Stop Flight From Atlanta To Cape Town, South Africa: What To Expect

Are you considering flying on a Delta Non-Stop Flight From Atlanta To Cape Town? From picking the right seat, to what food they serve on board… this is everything you need to know and what to expect on your long 15-hour flight to Capetown, South Africa!

First of all, congratulations on your trip to Cape Town! You are most likely going to have an adventure of a lifetime.

But are you ready for that long flight across the ocean to another continent?

These are all the details you need to know about your Delta Non-Stop Flight From Atlanta To Cape Town, to help put your mind at ease.

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What Days Does Delta Fly Nonstop From Atlanta to Cape Town?

You can only fly this route on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Because of these limited days. I highly suggest that you make sure you have a long enough layover if you are flying from a place other than Atlanta.

When coming from Phoenix, I chose a 4-hour layover (versus a 1.5 hour) because I wanted to give my flight some time in case it was delayed.

If you don’t give yourself enough of a layover, and your flight is even slightly late, you will miss your connection to Cape Town and you’ll have to wait another two days to fly out! Don’t risk it!

When you are arriving in Cape Town, you essentially skip a day due to the time difference. So if you fly out on Thursday evening at 9 pm… you will arrive in Cape Town on Friday Evening at 5 pm.

Delta Flight Layout (Types of Seats)

Choosing where you sit can seem daunting on Deltas flight to Capetown. They offer 4 different options and let me tell you… their website doesn’t really do a good job of detailing the differences in each option.

So here is a detailed description of each option (from most expensive to least) to see if it’s worth the upgraded price.

1 – Delta One

Otherwise known as First Class, or the Pods… Delta One is as high and luxurious as you can get on this flight. With the price tag to go with it.

A Delta One Suite will set you back anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000 for a seat. Is it worth it? Well, that’s up to you.

What you get with Delta One:

  • Spacious 180-degree flat-bed seat with full-height privacy door
  • Chef-curated fine dining & elevated service
  • Complimentary Sky Club access
  • First to board and 2 free checked bags
Delta One Pods
Delta One Pods

But probably the most important reason to book Delta One (and what makes it worth the price!) is that they are lay-flat pods with a privacy door. And when you fly for 15 hours straight, that’s pretty appealing.

2 – Premium Select

The second most comfortable way to fly on the Delta Non-Stop Flight From Atlanta To Cape Town would be in Premium Select.

Premium Select is nowhere near as amazing as Delta One but still offers a similar ‘first class’ experience you would find on domestic flights.

The Seats are wider and therefore have less in each row. If you snag a window seat, you’ll only have one person to jump over to get to the restroom instead of two.

The seats also recline way further than most economy class seats and include a fold-out footrest. And when you’re trying to catch some sleep on your long 15-hour flight, this alone can definitely be worth the upgraded price.

Delta Non-Stop Flight From Atlanta To Cape Town
Delta Premium Select

You’ll get to board after the Delta One passenger but before everyone else. Your food and drink selections are similar to Comfort + and the main cabin, detailed below.

With Premium Select, you get your own pillow and blanket as well as an amenity kit. The Kit includes a small toothbrush with toothpaste, a sleep mask, and some ear plugs.

3 – Comfort +

Comfort + and the main cabin have similar seats. You’ll be in the standard formation of 3 seats per row (more in the middle).

These are not any wider or more comfortable than the main cabin, but what you’re paying for is the extra legroom. You get about 6 inches more legroom in Comfort +.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but I personally flew in Comfort +, and let me tell you, it is noticeable! For someone who isn’t that tall, I was able to stretch my legs out completely straight. For someone taller, those extra 6 inches are worth every penny.

And to be honest, it’s not that much of an upgrade. A couple hundred extra dollars was well worth it to me.

Delta Comfort +

One other noticeable difference was the extra legroom, which meant the seats reclined a little bit further back than the main cabin. And when trying to get some sleep, this extra reclining was heavenly.

You get the same pillow, blanket, and amenity kit in Comfort + as you do in Premium Select.

4 – Main Cabin/ Economy

The most affordable way to travel is in the main cabin, or ‘economy’. These are your typical airplane seats. They unfortunately do not increase the size or legroom even though you are flying for an extended distance.

You will get all the meals included with this flight but not the drink service (wine and alcoholic beverages).

Luckily, Delta has put a lot of money into improving their aircraft in the last few years so even flying in economy is better than the airlines.

You’ll have a full, personal TV screen with on-demand shows and movies to watch for your flight. They also include USB charging ports and supply you with free earplugs.

What Food They Serve On the Flight

Delta does a great job of keeping you fed. While The Delta One Pods comes with more upscale cuisine, the rest of the passengers do not suffer!

I rode in comfort + and the food choices were the same there as they were for premium Select and the Main Cabin.

About an hour into the flight, they come around with dinner. We had a choice of Chicken, fish, or pasta. I chose the pasta which was potato gnocchi in a cream sauce with sweet potatoes. My neighbor had the chicken which looked delicious too.

Delta dinner service

Our full meal included pasta, a salad, a roll, and a cookie for dessert. And I have to tell you, they were all delicious.

After drinks are served and dinner is cleaned up, they turn the lights off and allow everyone to get some rest. The rest of the flight was smooth and quiet.

About an hour to 2 hours before landing, the lights return and they walk around for another drink order before serving breakfast.

Breakfast was equally delicious as dinner! They give you a few options. On my first flight, I had an egg and cheese calzone and on my return flight, I had French toast. Both meals came with fruit and a little side of potatoes.

Delta Non-Stop Flight From Atlanta To Cape Town

We also got a few snacks throughout the flight like chips, peanuts, and even some power bars as an option.

Overall, I was really pleased with the food selections. I brought snacks just in case I got hungry (it is 15 hours after all!) but never needed them. The meals and snacks they served on the flight were more than enough to satisfy me.

How to Pass the Time

15 hours on a flight is a long time! It’s one of the longest flights I’ve ever been on and I wanted to be prepared.

Delta does a great job of providing what comfort they can for you. With the exception of the main cabin, everyone on the flight received a pillow and a blanket. And the in-seat monitors had plenty of things to keep you busy.

You could watch movies, TV series, or even play games.

There are two USB outlets to charge your own devices as well.

The first two hours of the flight are busy with take-off, then meals and drinks. By the time dinner service is complete, you’ll probably feel a bit tired and want to get some rest.

At this time, I changed into my compression socks, slipped on some comfy slippers and a sweatshirt, took a sleeping pill, and settled in for a nice rest.

After waking up, I kept myself occupied with a movie on the in-seat screen and then read a book. It wasn’t long before the lights came on and breakfast service came around.

After breakfast, I had just enough time to use the restroom to wash my face and brush my teeth before it was time to buckle up for our descent.

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What to Bring For Comfort

Knowing I would be in the air for a solid 15 hours, I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to be super comfortable and keep me occupied… all while fitting in a bag under my seat.

Here are the following items I brought with me on my Delta Non-Stop Flight From Atlanta To Cape Town:

For Comfort…

  • Compression socks. As much as I wanted to get up and walk around every few hours, it was harder than it seemed. Especially if you dont have an aisle seat and you dont want to constantly wake your seat companions. Compression socks help with swelling and blot clots while sitting for long periods of time.
  • Travel Slippers. nothing feels better than slipping off your shoes and putting on some comfy slippers. I chose slippers instead of just socks so that I could still walk around the plane without having to put my shoes back on.
  • Light jacket or Sweatshirt. Planes can get pretty cold. And it’s hard to sleep if you’re freezing. So make yourself comfortable with a jacket or sweatshirt.
  • Change of underwear. 15 hours is long, but f you dont reside in Atlanta then you probably had a connecting flight and it’s actually much longer than just 15 hours. A Change of underwear just helps you feel fresh and clean.
  • Face wash and face lotion. Being able to wash my face made me feel so fresh after almost an entire day of traveling!
  • Travel pillow and blanket. If you fly in the main cabin, you won’t get these on your flight. And boy do they make a world of difference when trying to get some sleep!

When To Sleep To Avoid Jet Lag

Typically when flying overseas, it is recommended to switch your watch time to your final destination. And then sleep when it’s night there and stay awake when it’s the daytime.

This theory works for most places you will fly but it unfortunately does not work when flying from Atlanta to Cape Town.

When you board the flight in Atlanta, it’s typically late at night… which is right around the early morning hours in Cape Town. So if you were to try to stay awake as if you were on Cape Town hours, you would essentially be awake for your entire flight. And end up VERY tired once you arrive in Cape Town.

I recommend getting some sleep shortly after dinner service. As mentioned, dinner is served about an hour to 2 hours into your flight. So get yourself comfy, enjoy your meal, and (pop a sleeping pill if needed) then settle in for a nice long rest after you eat.

By the time you wake up, you’ll most likely still have plenty of time to kill before you land in Cape Town. I used this time to walk around, use the restroom, and freshen myself up (wash my face, brush my teeth, etc).

I spent the second half of the flight watching a few movies and reading my book to keep myself awake and on Cape Town time.

When you arrive in Cape Town, it will be around 5 pm at night. You’ll have enough time to get your luggage, drive to your hotel destination, and grab some dinner before settling in for a good night’s rest. Ready to hit the next day running!

Delta Non-Stop Flight From Atlanta To Cape Town

Flying from Atlanta to Cape Town was so nerve-wracking for me! Not only with flying overseas in a large aircraft, but trying to not get bored and restless on a 15-hour flight as well!

This flight with Delta ended up being one of the smoothest, most comfortable flights I’ve ever been on.

I was told Delta has spent a gob load of money in the last few years, making their airline one of the safest and most comfortable experiences for their passengers and it shows!

So if you are considering a flight to Cape Town, check out Delta and this incredible non-stop flight to South Africa!

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